andrea geyer

Never Yet. 2023. six-channel synchronized video, 36min voiceover, audiorama speakers, chairs
plein-air. 2023. 229 silkscreen and 59 laser prints, dimensions vary with installation.
Borderlands. 2023. screenprint and thread on paper
Manifest Banners. 2023. white nylon with apliqué silver letters. size variable.
un/rest. 2021. vintage canes and walking sticks, aluminum leaf, snake skin, ink, dimensions variable.
Resonant. 2021. wax, oil, acrylic on paper, 41" x 29.5"
Study. 2020. chair, horsehair 22 x 20 x 36 inches.
Feeding the Ghosts. 2019. installation with slide projectors, books, projector stands, furniture, 60 min voiceover.
On This Day. 2019. Silkscreen and acrylic on paper.
Anemoi. 2019. Aluminum leaf and wool felt, dimensions variable.
Constellations. 2018. Black and white handcut archival prints, sizes variable.
Time Travel (Grace Morley). 2017. Silkscreen on glicee print, 40x34 inches, Edition of 1.
If I Told Her. 2017. Oak ladder, horsehair, 120 x 22 inches.
No Wind Shuts Eyes Open. 2017. song for museum galleries.
Ghost. 2017. Coat Rack, wood hanger, Lilli Ann Coat, mink fur, political buttons. Dimensions variable.
Traced. 2017. Performance at SFMoMA.
Manifest. 2017. HD Video, color, sound, loop, projected on screen suspended from ceiling.
Collective Weave. 2017. Silk-screen prints on linen, 2 walls of patterned curtains (23’ and 32’)
Truly Spun Never. 2016. three-channel video installation, HD, color, sound, loop, 17 min.
Asterism. 2016. collaged archival print, size variable.
Travels on Slender Thread. 2015. acrylic on paper, 70 x 39 inches.
Time Tenderness. 2015. performance at the Whitney Museum of American Art. May 13-18, 2015.
Timefold (from the notebooks of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney), 2015. digital c-prints, 15 x 20 inches.
Revolt, They Said (work in progress) pencil drawing, 50 x 85 inches.
Gezeiten / Tides. 2015. installation with one-channel video, HD stereo sound, 41 minutes and 4 mono sound tracks of varying length.
The Infinite Repetition of Revolt. 2014. (collaboration with Josiah McEhleny), blueprints.
Past Strangers. 2013. digital c-prints, 25 x 37.5 inches.
Constellations Bliss / Sullivan / Rockefeller. 2013. Hand-cut archival prints on rag paper, dimensions variable
Three Chants Modern. 2013. two-channel HD video, color, sound, 25 minutes.
Insistence. 2013. HD video, color, sound, 15.20 minutes.
Indelible (Armory Show). 1913 - 2013. set of 50 ink drawings, 15.5 x 20 inches, Sumi ink on Denril.
Imagine to be here, right now. 2011. Dye-transfer prints / c-prints.
Comrades of Time. 2010/2011. multi-channel video installation / 7 videos, HD, color, sound.
Infinite Repetition of Revolt. 2010. (collaboration with Josiah McEhleny) Sculpture, performance.
Evidence (Criminal Case 40/61), 2010. digital c-prints, 16 x 22 inches, framed.
Criminal Case 40/61: Reverb, 2009. 6-channel video installation, 6 monitors, 6 stools, HD video, color, sound, 42 minutes.
Solemny Proclaimed. 2009. Work in Progress.
Sand Creek. 1864/1981/2008. (collaboration with Simon J.Ortiz) Gelatin silver print, wooden frame, etched glass, Triptych-each 26 x 22.5” framed.
Time Present (work in progress). 2008. digital C-Print, engraved glass, 86 x 108 cm, aluminum frame.
Out of Sorts. 2008. 9 posters for public display (commissioned by the Queer Festival Zagreb: Crime, Sexuality and Gender, 2008, curated by Leonida Kovac)
Spiral Lands. 2007-2009. installation with fiber based photographs and text, brochure with footnotes / installation in an educational setting with slide projection
9 Scripts from a Nation at War. 2007. (collaboration with David Thorne, Katya Sander, Ashley Hunt, Sharon Hayes) installation with series of videos (HDV), color, sound
The Audrey Munson Project. 2004-2008. book / series of photographs with engraved glass
Stand Here at the Edge. 2006. video, 3 minutes
In Times Like These, Only Criminals Remain Silent. 2005. (collaboration with Sharon Hayes) 5 double sided newsprint posters
Substratum. 2005. table with slide projectors, 160 text slides and 160 piece memory game
Reference Over Time. 2004. video, 19:14 minutes
contribution to Heil Dich doch selbst. Go heal/hail yourself. The "Flick Collection" will be closed. 2004
Meaning is what hides the instability of one's position. 2004. (collaboration with Katya Sander) Labyrinth architecture, multi channel slide projections
Parallax. 2003. 50 minutes 8 channel slide installation in an educational setting
Interim. 2002. 80 page newspaper with photographs and text
Fantasies are feelings given form. Don't worry, they are safe if understood. 2001. 3 channel video installation. 3 videos, each 30 minutes
Cambio de Lugar_Change of Place_Ortswechsel. 2000. (collaboration with Sharon Hayes) multi channel video installation
Information Upon Request. 2000. installation with photographs, text, handmade carpet
Understanding Geography. 1999. installation with 30" x 40" c-prints mounted on aluminum

One Minute Videos