andrea geyer

Amber Jamilla Musser
Kindred Solidarities: Queer Community and Chosen Families
The 8th Floor, 2022.

Apsara DiQuinzio
Andrea Geyer
New Time: art and feminism in the 21st century, 2021.

Sarah Hotchkiss
Andrea Geyer’s “Truly Spun Never”
KQED Arts, March 2017.

Claudia Arozqueta
At SFMOMA, Andrea Geyer Taps into Founding Principles of the Museum
Art Agenda, March 2016.

Barbara Clausen
Notes on Spiral Lands Chapter 2

Jens Kastner
Die Vergangenheit ändert sich (nicht).
Review Exhibition Galerie Hohenlohe, March 2008.

Cynthia Chris
Text for the Exhibition "The Past Never Changes,"
Galerien Hohenlohe, Vienna, February 2008.

Johanna Burton
So Above, So Below: Andrea Geyer’s Audrey Munson.
Published in Andrea Geyer, Audrey Munson: Art in General Commissions Program, 2008.

Julia Bryan Wilson
Changing the Subject.
ArtForum, October 2007.

Cynthia Chris
Storytelling and Translating.
Springerin, Band 13, Heft 4, Autumn 2007.

Nanna Debois
"Telling a story, you understand that if you try to talk about someone else's history, whatever
you do, you will always describe your own. That is a good thing and a task to face."

An interview with Andrea Geyer, 2006.

Stefan Jonsson
Andrea Geyer at IASPIS.
Review, Artforum, April 2006.

Andrea Geyer
Notes on Teaching Art and Feminism.
Lecture delivered at the conference "What kind of Art Academy would women create?" at the Art Academy Iceland, Reykjavik, October 2005.

Andrea Geyer
Tools for a Revolution.
LTTR No. 4 - Do you wish to direct me?, September 2005.

Andrea Geyer
Now, Then and How. Notes on Artistic Practice.
Lecture delivered at a symposium: "The Artist as Public Intellectual?" October 2004, organized by Silvia Kolbowski in collaboration with the Freunde der Secession and the Akademie der bildenden Künste Published in the book of the same title by the Academy, 2004.

Andrea Geyer
An ongoing conversation between Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Ashley Hunt, Maryam Jafri, Kara Lynch, Ulrike Müller, Valerie Tevere , David Thorne and Alex Villar published on, 2004.
Stage 1 |  Stage 2 |  Stage 3 |  Stage 4 |  Stage 5

Johanna Burton
Points of Entry/Points of Departure: On Andrea Geyer and Katya Sander’s Meaning is what hides the instability of one’s position
Unpublished, 2004.

Andrea Geyer / Sharon Hayes
notes on : Cambio de Lugar_Change of Place_Ortswechsel.
Sharon Hayes and Andrea Geyer LTTR No. 1 - Lesbians to the Rescue, November 2002.